Prepare yourself for a journey to Antarctica, that land that is only accessible to international scientific missions. A world premiere, the exhibition invites you to enter the beauty of this oasis of ice: dive into the depths of the Antarctic ocean and walk on the ice fields in order to discover the incredible biodiversity of the white continent.

In 2015, ten years after The March of the Penguins, the director Luc Jacquet, accompanied by two photographers, Vincent Munier and Laurent Ballesta led a polar expedition unique in the world.

The meeting between the expedition's teams and the museum gave rise to a sensitive and unprecedented exhibition, a real ode to polar biodiversity.

An exhibition co-designed by the musée des Confluences and Wild-Touch. With the support of Blancpain and in the partnership with Paprika Films, Andromeda, ARTE, IPEV, TAAF, CNRS.