Partners of the expedition

Our tradition is innovation. Founded in 1735 by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain in the Swiss Jura, Blancpain is the oldest brand of timepiece in the world. Faithful to its tradition of innovation, as innumerable complexities invented over time go to show, it is this same spirit of inventiveness which animates today the master clockmakers of the Manufactory. Determined to go beyond the borders of its heritage, Blancpain reinvents itself and pushes back ceaselessly the frontiers of clock making by improving its timekeepers.

Paprika Films
Full-length feature films, short films, stories, documentaries, series and one-offs, Paprika Films is unlimited in its scope. In a modern world in which broadcasting and production schedules are exploding and multiplying, every story has its format and its potential to be broadcast. Paprika Films wants to be where these roads cross.

Andromeda Oceanology
Andromeda Oceanology is an innovative company created in 2008 by Laurent Ballesta and Pierre Descamp the aim of which is to conduct all types of project linked with the study and the development of the marine environment. More than 300 dives executed at depths lower than 100 metres allowing us to discover new species and to become better acquainted with animals as iconic as the nautilus and the coelacanth in their natural environment.

ARTE, the European cultural channel, has accompanied the Antarctica expedition and made two documentaries of 90 and 52 minutes respectively devoted to the fauna of the white continent and to the impact of climate change to be broadcast at the end of 2016. In parallel with this, the public will be able to discover on the ARTE Future website immersive video programmes through 360o for a personal dive within the expedition.

The French polar institute, IPEV, offers the human, logistical, technical and financial resources as well as the legal framework necessary for the development of French scientific research in the polar and subpolar regions.

The Territory of French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF), created in 1955, has as its missions to manage the area covered by Scattered Islands in the Indian Ocean, subantarctic areas (Crozet, Kerguelen, Saint-Paul and Amsterdam) and Adélie Land. Specializing in “extreme” support logistics to science and the conservation of biodiversity, it is first and foremost, the guarantor of France being represented in these latitudes. Its registered office is located in Saint-Pierre de La Réunion.

The CNRS is a public organization for basic multi-disciplinary research placed under the supervision of the National Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research. It produces knowledge and puts this knowledge at the service of society. Within this framework the CNRS is developing a policy of scientific and institutional communication with the general public, valuing scientific results and talents.

Partners of the exhibition