In the wake of the success of his film “The March of the Penguins” seen by audiences of more than 35 million throughout the world and rewarded by an Oscar in 2006, the director Luc Jacquet created the not-for-profit general interest organisation Wild-Touch. With the desire to invite the public to discover and understand in order to mobilize, the association deals with major conservation issues while marvelling at the beauty of the Earth.

Forest, ice, climate, biodiversity… Wild-Touch has as its ambition to touch and meld together every public around the natural heritage of our planet, thanks to an ambitious programme of scientific mediation and sensitizing to big environmental issues, carried forward by influential personalities each with special knowledge: experts and researchers with an international reputation, thinkers, artists and major actors in audio-visual production.

Led on by highly spectacular cinema films directed by Luc Jacquet, complementary content and cross-media, with a strong element of added value editorially and emotionally, these things are coming to light and congregating round multiple sound bites: audio-visual productions (television, web documentaries), education and environmental teaching, residencies and artistic creations in situ, exhibitions and performances, a dedicated collaborative web platform and the publishing of games and books.